Saturday, March 17, 2018

Cuba Day 2

We met in our hostel yesterday afternoon to discuss the rules of the trip and to learn about what our schedule would look like for the week. It was during this meeting in which we learned that the Cuban government owns 90 percent of the country’s main economic industries. We also were surprised to learn that the average Cuban only makes thirty dollars a month, and we were reminded of just how thankful we should be. After the meeting, we had a dinner consisting of pollo, arroz y frijoles, zanahorias, and flan for dessert. We then left our hostel again to explore more of Havana. We saw the Hotel Nacional de Cuba, saw the beauty of the coast at night, and even cracked jokes with some Cubans.

The next morning we woke up at around 8 to eat breakfast at 8:30. We had eggs, fruit, papaya juice, and guava jelly (we were told that we’re going to have a lot of guava jelly this trip). We then ventured out across to Havana to the docks and took a ferry to Casa Blanca. We hiked up a a mountain to one of the highest points in the city, where we saw the Christ sculpture. Even though there are many Christ sculptures across the globe this 60 ft tall structure was the only one to be sculpted by a woman. After this, we explored “Old Havana,” along with three of the city’s main town squares. We also enjoyed a lunch of different crepes at a restaurant in Old Havana.

Isaiah and Ephraim

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