Monday, March 19, 2018

Romania: Heavy Lifting (Arm Day!)

Hey, it’s Bennett and Noelia coming at you live from Romania!!!
Today we started off with a delicious breakfast, of cereal, yogurts, fruit, toast, and eggs. After breakfast we all bundled up to brave the snow to stack bricks on platforms that would later be forklifted, and used to build a house for a family of 6 kids, left with their grandmother after their mother left them and their father passed away. After a couple hours of heavy lifting, we came in for lunch and then left to visit a nearby workshop ( a social enterprise) that Pro Vita began to employ mothers and help them learn basic skills to make clothing, and those went a long way because what they make is amazing!! One of the mothers working there gave us all mini raindrop pillows that they made, and also gave all our leaders jackets made there as well. The kindness and generosity shown by the people here in Romania is amazing, it’s truly a lesson in graciousness and being a genuine human. After that, we stopped at a gas station in the village to grab some snacks, also a gift from one of the Pro Vita leaders, Mihail. When we came back to the orphanage, we had the rest of the afternoon to play with the kids and make crepes! After some trial and error many crepes were successfully made and we went through four jars of Nutella. We just had dinner and are about to watch a movie with all the kids to wrap up the night, and head to bed, so we can rest up for our trip to Transylvania tomorrow.

Noelia Vargas and Bennett Donohue

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