Saturday, March 17, 2018

Romania - Saturday!

Today was our first full day in Pro Vita!  We got started early in the morning with an amazing breakfast. We had special Romanian coco puffs and corn flakes, cheese, bread, Nutella, and vegetables.  Then, we had our first Romanian lesson, where we learned some important words and phrases.  After that, we headed off to the orphanage’s main site, where we were given a tour and played with the kids. Soon, it was time for lunch.  We all gathered in the cafeteria and listened to the priest say a prayer.  Then we ate potato soup, bread, potatoes and soy, oranges, lemon cake, and pasteries that tasted like gingerbread!  We then began our work for the day, which was loading up a truck full of firewood, bringing it to one of the buildings in the village, and sorting it into piles. Finally, we took a bus back to where we’re staying and ate mashed potatoes, chicken with red sauce, and salad. We ended off the night with a huge game of tag with the kids!  Looking forward to the food and fun tomorrow! 

Lily Phillips and Ryan Vuono

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