Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Cuba day 6

Last night was our first true meal with our host families, and dinner was both fun and a challenge. Amanda, the sixteen year old girl that lives in the house, ate dinner with us, and in attempt to practice our Spanish, we asked her lots of questions about her school and Cuban life in general. Although we only understood only about half of her responses, we still got to know her and the rest of her family pretty well. After dinner they even invited us to play dominoes with them and their extended family. After that, some of the kids in our group went into town and tried a local pastry shop. We then hung out at one of the other students’ houses and talked, which allowed us to bond more as a group. The next morning we headed back to the farm for another morning of hard work, which included watering the crops, carrying wood, and composting. After our delicious lunch of chicken and fish, and a few quick games of dominoes, we took a hike in a section of the park called Maravillas de Viñales. Despite some slightly treacherous terrain, we managed to see a few of Cuba’s most important endemic trees, and several of us even caught a glimpse of Cuba’s national bird, tocororo.

Emma and Claire

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