Monday, March 19, 2018

Thailand Day 4

A full day in the islands... (Pictures to come later)

The beaches were so beautiful and I love seeing all the fish! - Jane

Ouch! Sunburns are not fun. The crystal blue beaches made up for it. The food was on time today as well. - Zak

Being able to explore and visit the five different Islands were amazing and gave me the opportunity to view the beautiful scenery. - Myles

The dinner overlooking the beach was a great way to end the day. - Charlie

The boat ride was nice and gave me the opportunity to take many beautiful pictures. - Jeannine

Checking out and exploring the islands today was so fun! - Graham

Snorkeling was so amazing I love swimming with the fish. - Rachel

Two massages. One and a half hours. $18. Five stars. - Luke

I had a lot of fun island hopping today. The views were great! - Reagan

Island hopping followed by a Thai massage was fantastic! - Carroll

Visiting different islands and being able to look around and fully appreciate them was exciting! - Crystal

Island hopping was so much fun! The boat rides got me super tan. - Alex

The beaches were absolutely breathtaking. Hearing the crash of the Waves all day was incredibly relaxing. The old a boat ride was the best part, and thankfully I didn't get sunburned. - Georgia

I had so much fun today! I love being on the islands and especially the first one because of a really cool swing that Alice, Julia, and I found! I also loved the Thai massage on the beach for only $10! - Bridget

Island hopping around Koh samet has been one of the highlights of the trip so far! The speed boat rides and Serene beaches or so much fun! - Alice

Today has been my favorite day of the trip so far! I love spending the day aboard the boat and venturing to Islands to snorkel. Capping the day off with an l o massage to soothe my lights sunburns was amazing! - Julia

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