Sunday, March 18, 2018

In Spain, Day Three: Walking El Camino, Part Dos

Sam K. leads the gang down an avenue of trees.
Dinner at our hostel in Palas de Rei!
Day two [on The Way] was a little harder than day one for me for a couple of reasons. First of all, my feet got a couple of blisters that I had to make sure I took care of. Also, my legs were quite sore from day one (despite the yoga we all did the night before). And then there was the weather! We were used to the on and off rain as that had been the weather most of our trip thus far, but day two of hiking was constant rain and hail [the last 10 km]. There was one point where the hail got so big that if you looked up at the sky, it would feel like needles were puncturing your skin. There was quite a bit of walking in muddy puddles so our shoes got soaked. Currently there is newspaper stuffed in our shoes to dry them as much as possible. Tomorrow is going to be the longest day (17 miles) and most likely rainy and cold! As tiring as El Camino is so far, it is amazing to see all of the animals, people, and landscapes. I am so glad I did this trip and can’t wait for even more adventures!

~Helen Sweeney

So we have walked 29 miles in 2 days. It's kind of hard to believe that, we have only been here for 3 days. Everyone is really awesome and are great companions to walk with. The walk itself is unbelievable. The scenery that we walk through is like something out of a fairy tale, the forests are populated with all different kinds of trees. There was one tree that even looked like it was covered in snow...but it wasn't. I have to say my feet hurt, but the journey is surely worth it.

~Sam Stevens
A big hill greeted us as we left Portomarín!

But this sight was at the hill's top, and the group peeled layers!

Sam K. and Helen stretch as we consider
our options for lunch, part uno.

Part dos!

Matt makes adjustments (and gives his feet a break) at a stop
for coffee and other refreshments.

One of our longer hills. And that's Sam S.
w/the yellow pack cover way up there!

Another gear adjustment break and time to stretch!

Cows on the move, chanticleer on the prowl. (Hi, Sophia!)

Closing out our long day before dinner, we visited a local church in Palas de Rei.

P.S. A goodie from yesterday's walk. The guys are pointing at Portomarín,
our Day Uno destination!

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