Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Romania: Transylvania Tuesday

We started out the day in Pro Vita, with a delicious breakfast of French toast and the classic cereal. After breakfast, we packed up for our two hour bus ride through the Carpathian mountains to Brasov. In Brasov, we explored the town as it snowed on and off. We then escaped the cold in the Black Church, which is one of the few gothic style churches in Romania with one of the biggest organs in Eastern Europe. After we visited the Black Church, we went to lunch at a restaurant, and a wonderful dessert at the Donuterie. After that, we loaded the vans to head to Transylvania to see Dracula’s castle. With many winding stairs, the castle was quite the maze. From top to bottom, the view was an amazing sight. Although the Romanians find the site as a misrepresentation of their culture, we thoroughly enjoyed its rich history. We finished the day with a smorgasbord of meats, cheeses, and breads, thankful for food that nourished the end of our amazing day. We’re so excited to see what the day brings us tomorrow!

Claire Toman, Xander Chiaramonte, and Halle Knutson 

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