Sunday, March 18, 2018

Romania: Sunday Funday

Today we woke up, ate breakfast, and then headed to church with the kids. After attending the service for about an hour, we walked through the village, even though it was raining. We stopped at the newly opened Pro Vita shelter for mothers and the elderly, and got a peek into their everyday life. Then we took the bus to the main location for Pro Vita to have lunch and play with the kids. We ate soup, pickles, mashed potatos, and fried soy. Play lasted for about two hours, and we headed back to the Pro Vita Social Center where we are staying as it began to snow. Using the light dusting of snow on top of the cars, we held a snowball battle! We rested for a little and spent more time with the kids. Before dinner, we made donuts from scratch, which we ate along with cabbage rolls and polenta. Tired from the day, and with no more room for food, we will have sweet dreams of our day...looking forward to tomorrow’s  adventures.

Tori Carr and Holden Singh

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