Saturday, March 17, 2018

Classical Italy Day 1: Boscoreale

Olim, multi discipuli et duo magistri magnam iter fecit....

The first leg of our journey into Italy was fraught wasn't fraught with anything, actually. The only danger in our first day was in the turbulence we felt over my sweet homeland of Germania. After a sliiiight mixup as to which gate was ours, we had a lovely (if not nutritional) airport breakfast. And once we'd slept through another short flight, we arrived in Italy.


Italy! Our first meal there was in a small pizzeria that Rick Steves might describe as "quaint" and "rustic". All of us climbed up an extremely narrow spiral staircase to the rooftop. From the top we could get a glimpse of paradoxically bright and faded buildings, only just illuminated by the cloud enshrouded sun. Many passeres flitted around our tables, loudly chirping for a bite to eat.

After wolfing down deliciously auuthentic pizza we made our way over to the ruins by Herculaneum. We were scheduled to view the ruins, but thanks to our lengthy lunch we were half an hour late. With the place closed, what were we to do?

Thankfully our fearless leaders were able to find a tiny museum near Herculaneum. Boscoreale contained placards in Italian, casts of a dig and pig caught in pyroclastic flow, and a small Roman villa outside.

Cat Count: 1 (Near the villa, we spotted a small, orange and white cat making its way through the ruins)

After an enlightening (if unplanned) museum experience we headed back to the hotel.

Cat Count: 3 (Alicia and I found two cats chillaxing on a windowsill by our hotel- a napping black cat named Boudica by Alicia, and a tortoiseshell and white one I dubbed Motley.)

Once there we relaxed, unwinding after an eventful first day in Italy. We unpacked in our rooms, talked a bit, and soon discovered the view f

rom Abbie and Jessica's room. We looked out on the Bay of Naples, ancient water peppered with boats and flashing lights. Even better was the view from the bare balcony, where we could see the stone buildings cast in the soft glow of amber light.

Cat Count: 4 (Far below the balcony, I spotted a pale cat elegantly perusing what the dumpster had to offer. Caligula was the obvious name choice.)

Tomorrow holds excitement, adventure, and of course, Italy.

-Mary Margaret Lehmkuhler


Rachel Carter said...

Wonderful updates! Keep them coming!

Rachel Carter said...

Would love an update! Grazie!

Unknown said...

There is no name ascribed to this account however I feel strongly that it was penned by Mary Margaret. The Rick Steves reference and cat count were big clues. I am so happy y’all are enjoying your lives and your adventures! Mrs. L