Friday, March 30, 2018

Classical Italy Day 11: Reflections

At the airport about to leave Rome

As all good things must come to an end, today marks the end of the Italy trip. From hiking Mount Vesuvius to climbing an infinite amount of steps, the general mood today is marked with pure exhaustion.

We started the day with an 8:30 hotel departure. The trip down the street was particularly rocky, as we hurtled our suitcases down cobblestone streets trying not to be a danger to ourselves and the people around us. But luckily after what was technically our second to last walk as a pack of American tourists, we were granted the sweet relief of one last bus ride together.

Once we reached the airport, it was time to reclaim our passports from our chaperones and, unfortunately, say goodbye to Meaghan. It was a grand farewell, filled with pictures, social media exchanging, and last exclamations of newly acquired slang words. Yet we got through it and once we parted ways, we headed through security and plopped into our seats for the free hour before our flight.

That time was filled with a variety of activities from the busy minds of sssas-ers. From AC making a list of viral videos to show Ms. Peckham to Alicia powering through the last 60 pages of Daphne, to me frantically buying last minute gifts for loved ones, you could say we used our time wisely. At 11:35 it was time to board the plane and leave our beloved Italia. After a 2 hour flight, we reached Germany and stayed for a hefty 3 hour layover.

Since bus rides, flights and layovers are a great for reflection, I decided to step into the minds of everyone on the trip by asking them three very important questions.

"What is one memory that you will never, ever forget from this trip?" 

Abbie- All the dinners. I won’t remember them individually, but as a whole the food was always amazing and it was just a great way to close off the day.

AC- Looking at the bones at Herculaneum. It was cool to see the position in which they died because they were all stuck there.

Afua- Evening walks for sure. The beautiful piazzas always make opting for the walk a great idea. When it comes to walking, 5 minutes during the day feels like an eternity, but somehow walking for almost 30 minutes total seemed like a piece of cake (especially when there was gelato involved). The pasta was delightful too.

Jonah-The amazing picture of the Vatican that I took.

Ms. Peckham- I was really impressed by the young women on this trip and how thoughtful they were about the role of women and sexual assault in classical mythology and history. They really made me think and change my perspective on the subject.

"Favorite Meal?"

Abbie- When we went to the cheese house. But the best bruschetta was from the pizza place in Naples.

Ac- The last night was very good, a classic spaghetti with some bacon in there

Afua- Gnocchi from day 2 held my heart. The Cheesecake from the third to last restaurant was heavenly.

Jonah-The lamb from last night.

Ms. Peckham- The meal we had in the mozzarella farm place and Praestrum, freshest mozzarella I’ve ever had. Fried artichoke— that was awesome

"Last but not least, favorite Italian Phrase? Mine was “Andiamo Ragazzi!”"
Abby - I said earlier that the three Italian phrases that I needed to know were “Chocolata Calda” “Bruschetta” and thank you— and scusi.

AC- “Italia!”

Jonah- I didn't really use any Italian on the trip and overall they understood me perfectly fine, but I did say Buonjourno a few times and Grazie.

Ms. Peckham- one of my favorites “in bocca al Lopo” which is what you say when you’re wishing someone good luck, and the response is “crepi.” It literally means “in the mouth of the wolf” and may the wolf drop dead. 

-- Afua Nyantakyi

Final gelato in Rome at Della Palma, which has 150 flavors


Last view of of the city and Vatican from Ponte Sisto

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