Friday, March 23, 2018

Thailand - Days 5 and 6

(The chaperones are having trouble accessing the blog site, so here are the entries from the last few days.  Pictures will soon follow.)

My favorite part from the past couple days was being one of the few people who didn't get sick. - Charlie

The floating market was such a unique experience! -Rachel

I don't remember much of these days, but the hospital was beautiful. -Zak

The floating market was even better than I imagined. -Carroll

There were a lot of looong car rides but the floating market and fancy mall were super cool! -Bridget 

The mall was amazing. It was so big and extravagant, not to mention the aquarium in the basement which was awesome too! -Alice

The last 2 days have made for a very memorable trip. Having spent 12 hours sick with food poisoning followed by 20 hours in the Bangkok hospital hooked to an IV, I truly will never forget this trip. I was really bummed to miss the floating market and aquarium, but that just means I have to come back!  -Julia

I really enjoyed the floating market and looking at the surrounding houses. I just wish I felt well enough to see more. Walking around the aquarium and mall was the most relaxing day so far (after the chaos). Plus I got a cool pillow. -Reagan

One of my favorite experiences has been exploring malls and figuring out whether or not I'm in a department store. -Jeannine

#straightoutofBangkokGeneral. The aquarium was really full, especialy being able to see the PENGUINS!! I also really enjoyed the mall afterwards. -Myles

One thing that I really enjoyed over the past two days was being able to explore both the mall and the aquarium on our own. -Cristal

The floating market was by far my favorite experience so far. Sitting in the boat while vendors literally hooked and dragged us to their stalls was so overwhelming yet fun! Plus haggling with the group was awesome. Siam Paragon was amazing as well; it is hard to believe there is a nicer mall than Tysons II, but we found it. They had every super luxury car in the mall. It was crazy that it had a giant aquarium under it too! -Georgia

The floating market was so cool and it was so fun floating from vendor to vendor. -Jane

Haggling with old women over cheap goods was fun, and I got to eat anything without getting sick. -Luke

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