Friday, March 23, 2018

Kenya - Day 6

By: Olivia Newsome


Today we got up around 7:00, and after a delicious breakfast we started the trek to Laparua, the school we are working closely with here. Along the way we stopped on the top of a large hill to gaze upon the beautiful scenery that I don't think any of us have grown accustomed to quite yet. From there, we began our equally scenic journey to the school. We drove through what is best described as a tropical forest, which was absolutely beautiful.

We are all advancing in our limited knowledge of Swahili, but I think that it's a fun challenge, and most of us can count to 5! Even little phrases like "unaenda wapi" (meaning where are we going) we've been able to máster over the past few days.

When we first arrived, we were able to enter a first grade class. The little ones were beyond excited and curious to learn more about us, and I can safely say the same went for us. From there, we began painting the library, and met the children that would help us paint. The children at the school were a little hesitant to play and speak with us initially, but we all needed time to warm up a little. We just kind of attacked it. Our amateur painting skills certainly did the job, and we were able to finish in about two hours. After finishing, we were able to play soccer (with one of the several soccer balls we raised money to buy), sit in on/teach some classes, and play clapping games. By the time their school day was over, no one wanted to leave!

A little tired and sweaty, we traveled to a lodge within Lewa with a gorgeous pool and enough wifi to wish my dad a happy birthday! The quick swim was much needed after a full day in the hot Kenyan sun. We came back to camp after an hour, and some stayed behind while others went on another maravillious game drive. Hours of good conversation, star gazing, and hyenas later, we all met back up in our cozy meal tent for dinner. After dinner, we were able to end this amazing day with a talk around the fire. We can't wait to see our new friends, and have another exciting day tomorrow!

Lala Salama and tutaonana baadge for now!

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