Thursday, March 22, 2018

Romania: La Revedere

La Revedere

It is hard to believe that our week at Pro Vita drew to a close as we had to say a very sad “La Revedere,” or goodbye, to the amazing people here. Our Saints spent  the morning playing with kick ball outside in the snow with the children, and the chaperones hung with the adults at Pro Vita trying to get in as much visiting time as possible before saying goodbye. We also spent some time with the students processing the amazing week that we had here and it was so touching to hear the takeaways that everyone gleaned. The common theme that everyone felt this week is the overwhelming generosity and feeling of love from the sweet people of Pro Vita. Our hearts are literally so full and our lives are changed for the better from being here. Their love is truly infectious. We may saying La Revedere, but all of us have a big piece of Romania that we will carry home with us. We cannot thank the people of Pro Vita enough for their incredible hospitality and for all of the memories that will literally last a lifetime. 

We finally hugged our goodbyes and headed off to Bucharest where we toured, had dinner, and spent the night. A little bit of ice cream definitely helped cure our tears.

La Revedere and Multumesc for everything 🇷🇴

Mrs. Harding and Mr. Doyle

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