Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Romania: Fortress Walls and Castle Halls!

When we woke up this morning, we looked out our windows to see that it was snowing. We then started the day with a breakfast prepared by the hotel chef. We soon got in the vans and headed to a city outside of Rosnov. There we saw a Fortress that was used for protection from enemy invaders. It also doubled as the set for a movie entitled The Scorpion King. After touring the Fortress, we hopped back in the vans and went to the palace of the first known king of Romania. With a German influence and the architecture it was a sight to see! After the palace, we had a short drive to a traditional Serbian restaurant. After a delicious meal we headed to a Romanian department store called Carrefour, where we purchased chocolate, souvenirs, and soccer balls for the kids. After our shopping spree we headed back to Pro Vita where we were greeted by the children making a snowman, and awaiting us. Having a bit of time before dinner, we had a snowball fight with the kids! We then had a wonderful final dinner, and we are about Pirates of the Caribbean with the children! We are looking forward to our last day tomorrow, but we also can’t believe that it’s almost over! 

Claire Cavanaugh and Evan Roper

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