Monday, March 19, 2018

Classical Italy Day 3: Pozzuoli, Baia, Villa Vergiliana, Cuma, and Lake Avernus

While there was no large site that we went to today, every place had a different story to tell, yet equally significant. First, after a 1 hour bus ride, we explored an old Roman amphitheatre. To see something so grand seemingly hidden away from the main streets is odd. Not because it is a ruin, but because of the size of the place. The next next place was the ruins of a spa/ bathhouse. We probably wandered the endless passages for a good hour before we realized the time, and the fact that most of us had gotten completely soaked from the pouring rain. We made an attempt to go visit and explore a castle, but it closed at 12pm, and we were exactly 5 minutes too late. But that one upset didn't stop us as we went to have lunch in a Villa that Mr. Hochberg had actually stayed at before.

Baia in the rain

What a view of Lake Avernus!

After the lunch, a group went to the upper floors of the Villa and went to the library. With stomachs full of pizza and mozzarella we went to the ruins of the Temple of Apollo. Having wandered around the Temple ruins for a while, we stopped off at an old water holding sight, which we quickly left when we heard that we would have a thirty minute gelato and coffee break. Our final stop was Lake Avernus. After a bit of walking and some picture taking, we headed back to the bus to get some dinner. Just like yesterday, we realized that we needed to basically dart back to the bus right as we finished dinner, and we started our 1 hour drive back to the hotel to end the day.

Enjoying the sun at Lake Avernus

-Jonah Carter

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