Sunday, March 18, 2018

In Spain, Day Two: Walking El Camino

Our first leg began with mixtures of rain and sun, but the sun eventually won out. All of the water through the region, though, meant lots of mud and streams to cross, sometimes even ford. Fun! We passed many cow gatherings, had to navigate around one on the move, farmer close behind, and the big, fluffy farm dogs somewhat indifferently observed us strolling along. We dined for lunch in a pilgrims' café in Ferrerios -- delicious Spanish fare of potato-egg "tortillas" and meats and cheese and bread. Delightful. Finally, we ascended the stairs into Portomarín, found our fine "hostel," showered, grabbed a hearty snack, then dinner, and hit the sack, muscles and any blisters tended to with care.

¡Buen Camino!

And so we begin! (Just outside Sarria, we've just picked up El Camino in the town's old quarter.)

Lots of water to cross and ford among acres of green pastures and seemingly miles of stone walls. (Nikki quickly repairs the tie of her shoestrings.)

Sophia, Nikki, and Sam pass old walls and a perfect field.

A rainbow shows us the way!

Our first rendezvous point in Morgade for lunch, but the proprietor wasn't quite open, yet, so we sojourned on. 

Last gathering just outside our first destination along The Way, Portomarín.

Stretching and silliness ensues as we arrive at our hostel. We made the first leg!


mattsmom said...

Dr side, thank you for the pictures and comments!!! We miss everybody

Unknown said...

Great pics! Love, Matt's Aunt Naomi