Saturday, March 17, 2018

Thailand - Day one is complete

After couple long flights (including an emergency landing in Hyderabad for a medical emergency - not one of us), we made it to Thailand and immediately went to bed.

What we want to share about today:

I really enjoyed watching the super skilled Muay Thai fights and being able to train / take lessons from a champion Muay Thai coach. - Myles

It was really cool to check out all the temples. I'm excited for the beaches tomorrow! - Graham

Spending the day admiring the Thai Buddhist temples was amazing. The architecture and intricacy of the designs was simply stunning. - Julia

Today was really fun! I love going to the temples and I had really really good passion fruit and guava juice! - Bridget

Wow! My legs are tired! We spent the day walking around the Thai Palace and other temples such as Wat Arun. After a wonderful lunch we watch a couple Muay Thai matches. Great day overall. 10 out of 10. - Zak

Muay Thai practice slash watching was the best part of the day by far. - Senich

The culture shock while running on complete adrenalynn was a rush. Watching the city fly by well on the van was super awesome, and I can't wait to see and explore more. - Georgia

Despite the intense heat and humidity, we were overwhelmed with the beauty and extravagance of the Thai temples and Buddha's. - Alice

Visiting the temples and going to a Muay Thai lesson and match was the best possible start to this trip. - Charlie

The temples were so much grander than I could ever have imagined. I'm so glad that I got to see them even through the jet lag and heat. - Reagan

The Muay Thai was really cool! I was really Excited to be able to see it. Excited for the rest of the trip. - Alex

I didn't realize how fun or how tiring Muay Thai was. The trainer's were super helpful and made a lot of jokes while teaching us how to properly punch and kick. - Carroll

The emerald Buddha was incredibly beautiful! The surrounding temples had such intricate designs. - Rachel

I really enjoyed seeing the temples and their beautiful designs / colors! - Jane

Being surrounded by the beautiful architecture was inspiring and an opportunity I definitely would not have wanted to miss out on! - Jeannine

Internet is down in our neighborhood. Will try to post pictures from today, tomorrow.

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