Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Kenya - Day 4

Written by Mackie Wainstein and Grace Crawford 

Today we had another early start as we all woke up at 5:30 am and gathered to have hot tea and coffee before we headed out for our morning game drive. After we came back and had a delicious breakfast we got ready to go to visit the Lewa clinic. We got to talk to Phoebe, a local nurse, about how they treat people who are hurt or need medical attention. We also talked about general health of the communities surround Lewa and how the clinic receives their medications and other supplies. 

As we piled back into the land cruisers we decided to take the long way to get back to camp by going around the swamp. Although we got to see lots of animals the highlight of the ride back was when we pulled over to help a car that had gotten stuck in the mud. We attached one of our cars to it to drag it out as well as having us push the car from the other end. Even though we all got covered with mud coming up from the tires, we had a lot of fun and loved the adventure.

For lunch we were joined by David, who works on research of ecology and wildlife in kenya. after lunch, we met some of the men working with david named timothee and edwin, who took us to different locations regarding the research they do. when we got back to the camp site, we put out some shoes to make soccer goals and we played a big game of soccer. we were also lucky enough to see a rainbow over our campsite after it rained which was the perfect addition to such a great day. after the final goal was made in the game, we quickly got into the Land Cruisers with James and Moses (our expert tour guides and new friends) to go on a game drive before the sun went down. after a day of not seeing as many animals as we usually do, we were fortunate to see a cheetah peacefully sleeping in the grass during the sunset. this was especially cool because this was one of only two cheetahs in lewa and we hadn't seen a cat yet. this was a perfect ending to our very long and exciting day and we are looking forward to many more adventures.

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