Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Kenya - Day 3

By: Lily Smith

We had our first early-morning game drive today.  We woke before the sunrise, had some coffee, tea, and biscuits, then headed out still half-asleep.  Despite some of us falling asleep during parts of the drive, it was awesome to see the animals out and about.  We saw our first baby rhino, asleep with its mom close to the road.

After the drive, we came back to camp and had another excellent breakfast.  Now, more awake, we were ready for the rest of our day.  We met with members of the Lewa Security Team (including a bloodhound they use for tracking poachers), then got to participate in a canine demonstration. 

Next, we went to the control room and saw how they track the animals they’ve tagged.  After a pleasant walk back to camp, we had some down time before lunch.  Some of us napped, played cards, ran, or did yoga before sitting down for lunch.  Then, we brainstormed with a member of the communications team and we all brainstormed how to best help get the message of Lewa out.  

After an afternoon game drive and dinner, we were exhausted—but not too exhausted to stargaze and hang out after dinner and chat.  It was another successful, fulfilling day at Lewa!

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