Sunday, March 18, 2018

Thailand Day 3

From the students:

The Thai Islands are stunning! From the action-packed boat ride over to relaxing on the beach and the fire show, today was amazing! - Julia

The boat ride was super fun and bumpy and the fire juggling was incredible. -Carroll

After a longgggg car ride and a ferry boat ride we arrived at Koh Sumet: a beautiful place, with even better food. The fire show was a great end to our day. However, I lost my flip flops, but that hasn't gotten me down! Stay tuned for tomorrow! - Zak

The boat ride to Koh Samet was soooo fun! I wish they drove faster! - Jeannine

The fire juggling show was awesome. The best part was seeing the firework like display on the beach. - Reagan

The beach was super relaxing and the fire show was amazing! -Jane

The awesome, jumpy boat ride, to the nice beach, to the amazing fire show were the highlights of my day -Myles J

Make sure you check the exp. date on food so you don't eat korean chicken balls that expired in 2007. -Luke

I loved the boat ride to the island! -Charlie

Meeting new people, trying new foods, and visiting a different island made the scorching sun more bearable. -Crystal

The fire show was mesmerizing! -Rachel

The boat ride to the island was so fun, I had fun at the fire show. - Graham

Going to the mega 7/11 was super fun. I almost died on the boat ride, but I'm here for a fun time, not a long time. -Georgia

Today was really fun the boat was the highlight of the day! -Bridget

The cool sea water was so refreshing after standing underneath the blazing sun. -Alice

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