Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Madrid-School day

This past Monday, we went to school where the Spanish teachers and students planned activities for us, including a tour of the campus and class visits. First, the 4th graders explained to us in English and Spanish all areas of the school. Later on, we participated in a mystery-solving game with the 6th graders. Our American students played different characters and the Spanish students had to interrogate us to determine who murdered Ms.McGowan—It was Monty! 

In the afternoon, we had a dance class to learn el baile Sevillanas (see the video link to appreciate Monty, Jenn and Brett’s dancing skills 😱) 

Following the dance instruction, a Spanish student gave us a real demostration of Flamenco. She has won many awards in her dance category.

In a Spanish language class, Tony, Lucy and Brett wrote a dictation on the whiteboard, impressing the Spaniards with their spelling skills!

This is what Jenn wrote about her day: 
“We went to school with our students. Their school is beautiful. They have an indoor pool, a dance studio, and a massive indoor gym. We played with the younger kids and followed our students to classes. We all went ice skating after school. It’s so fun to be all together in a place like this.” 

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