Friday, March 15, 2019

Denmark - Arrived at School

Denmark - Day 1
By: Mr. Yee

Just wanted to say that we have arrived to Haderslev Katedralskole!  This picture captures the students meeting their hosts for the first time.

Afterward this first lunch meeting, students went off with their hosts for a brief tour of the school.  They marveled at the differences, sometimes subtle and sometimes apparent, between this school and their own. 

We as chaperones also noticed the sheer amount of space that seemed to be at Haderslev Kathedralskole.  The ceilings are higher, the hallways are wider, the classrooms have seating for more people.  But all of this makes sense: the school is home to more than 1000 students who stay there for the last three years of their schooling before going off to college.

After a long travel day, though, our tour was brief and students went away with their hosts--mostly to get some sleep.  We couldn't take any group photos because of the poor weather, but we'll look to get some taken and up in the coming days.  Tomorrow is our trip over the German border to visit Hamburg, Germany, so I hope it'll provide some opportunities!  

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