Friday, March 22, 2019

Denmark - Day 5 and 6

Denmark - Day 5 and 6 (On the way to Copenhagen and Copenhagen)

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The Danish class of 30 students and the American students all gathered on the bus, tired eyed but excited for what was to come. On the way to Copenhagen, our first stop was the Viking museum. Around the museum were medieval shops selling rope and other parts of boats. Inside the museum, we watched a movie and learned how they make the ships and the paths they traveled. We walked among the recovered ships and read about the Viking culture, and we saw their armor and climbed in ship replicas. Then it was off to the next stop! - Catherine Owens

Kronburg Castle (Bette Vajda)

Today we visited Kronburg castle in Helsignør (Elsinore). It’s a UNESCO world heritage site and probably best known for being the location of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. We took a guided tour and then explored the casement under the castle with our flashlights. Small details made the trip memorable: there were set tables of fruit and silverware in the queen’s chambers, ornate tapestries hanging in the great hall, and, notably, a statue of a small reaching hand half-sunk in the castle moat. While it was an hour outside Copenhagen, it was, in my mind, well worth the trip.

Copenhagen was incredibly beautiful, and I especially loved walking through all the shopping streets. After visiting a big art museum, we went to Christiania and walked through the area. (I especially enjoyed looking at all the graffiti everywhere.) And, despite having really good Mediterranean food at the end of the day, my favorite part of the whole trip to Copenhagen had to be the bus rides there and back; the bus rides gave the students time to talk and joke around, and it provided great bonding time for all of us. -Rachel Suleymanov

Blog post:

Overall, Copenhagen was a very enriching experience. The second day was filled with museums, pedestrian streets, shopping, and most importantly, food. I probably had the best chai tea latte of my life in a small coffee shop called funders. It was also perfectly located next to a pizza place that was very fulfilling, especially after walking around for so long. We continued the day by walking to art museum called Glyptotek. The art there consisted of mostly sculptures but also lots of small paintings. The greenery and beautiful glass ceiling contributed to a great experience. It was a memorable day.

-Lily Altree

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