Saturday, March 23, 2019

Nepal - Day 7

By Libby Sterba

Today we started the day off by taking a short 45 minute walk to breakfast where we had amazing views from the mountain side and got to see some of the worlds largest mountains while enjoying buffet style potato, sausage, toast and eggs. Then after breakfast we hiked back to the hotel which was much easier with full stomachs and going downhill. After we got back to the hotel we all packed up and took a two hour bus ride back to the city of Kathmandu and settled into our eco friendly hotel. After we settled in we all took a short ten minute hike through the city which was very unfamiliar with their lack of traffic laws. Once we got to lunch it was an all you can eat mo mo lunch with lo mein. With full bellies once again we hiked back to our hotel for a short break then ventured back out into the city to a market place to buy gifts for friends and family back home. Once we were all done shopping we rested at the hotel for a little before heading to dinner where we had our last dinner in Nepal. We had rice and lentils and to spice it up we had a chicken stew as well! Overall we had a much more relaxing day than we have had in the past several days since we are all tired from out two Day trek. Tomorrow is our last day in Nepal and we are all sad to leave however we are excited to go back to the Hope Home one last time to say goodbye to the girls.

* limited internet - can’t upload pictures

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