Saturday, March 16, 2019

China - Day 3

Day 3
Various Authors

From Ms. Hardwick: This will be our last post from Beijing since we leave for Xi’an tomorrow (after the Great Wall in the morning). We had a great time in the capital and are looking forward to seeing the Terracotta Warriors!

From Jonathan Randle ‘20:
Today we ventured to Tiananmen square, the largest square in the world. We were approached by many Chinese people to take photos with them! We then went to the Forbidden City. We explored the different corridors and admired the amazing architecture. The city consisted of 9999 1/2 rooms so we could only explore a quarter of it in one sitting! We also ventured to the Jing Shan park which is on top of a giant mountain. It was a lot of work to climb but it was very worth it as the park provided a view of all of Beijing! We then had a traditional dim sum lunch before shopping at a modern Chinese shopping center/mall, very similar to Times Square in New York. After shopping there we went to the Pearl Market to shop for some other goods. One thing about the pearl market is that there are many vendors and there is not a set price for items so you will have to haggle with them. It was excellent practice for Chinese students! After another delicious traditional Chinese dinner we ended our night with a Kung Fu at the Red Theatre. It was amazing to see all of the stunts that the performers did!

From Jane Siwek ‘19:
We started our day bright and early to go to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. It was packed with huge crowds of people, and the rooms and gardens were full of color and elegant patterns. After walking around, we had a great lunch of various dishes including lotus stuffed with sticky rice and steamed dumplings. In the afternoon we went shopping on a busy street (that looked like a cleaner Times Square) and the pearl market. We ended the day with a big dinner and a vibrant show about KungFu.

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