Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Nepal - Day 3

By: Ryan Felsenthal

Today we woke up to the murmur of monks as they performed their morning prayer. We had a nice breakfast of milk tea, porridge, andakabocha (eggs) and roti. After breakfast we hiked the 2 miles through rice, wheat, and barley fields on our way to the Himalayan Hope Home. Once we arrived we got down to work. Half of the group helped prepare lunch, while the other half worked on creating the garden. Lunch consisted of spaghetti, fries, rice, and cooked vegetables. From lunch the group all went outside work on the garden to dirt holes and plant trees. We all got the chance to plant trees in the garden.

After finishing the garden work for the day we all made our way to the volleyball court and played 2 games. By the time we finished our games the Himalayan Hope girls arrived home from school and we started a saga of games, USA Vs Nepal. As expected the first 2 sets went to the USA then we dropped the next 3 sets and lost the game. Max perfected punching the ball over the net, Chase successfully headed the ball over the net, David is still learning how to hit a volleyball, Vivian and Libby got all of the little chicks into their laps, while Alex and Shiv helped dominate on the court. I perfected the yelling block which effectively intimidated our opponents and helps secure many of our points.

After a few rain and hail delays we finished our game. At the end of our last game we were viciously attacked by the neighbors with water balloons. After the initial attack Chase, Max and I stood our ground and formed a wall to shield a no one from the water balloons. Max took most of the hits as he was the biggest target of us all. After a few return volleys of water balloons, Alex, Shiv, and Vivian as well as the Hope Home girls turned on us as they threw water balloons at us.

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