Friday, March 22, 2019

Madrid - visit to Real Madrid stadium, Museo Del Prado and Royal Palace

Our last group excursion was to three iconic places in the Spanish capital: Real Madrid Stadium, Museo Del Prado and Royal Palace. We had a bus company that transported us from the school and took us to the sites.

We went first to the Real Madrid stadium, at 81,000 people capacity,  which is the only stadium that has hosted all three tournaments- the World Cup, the European Championship  and Copa America’s final.  The Bernabéu Tour was truly an experience; we saw many videos, displays, and memorabilia and we were able to visit the field and the locker rooms. Real Madrid is one of the most widely supported teams in the world, has earned more trophies and won more championships than any other club in sports history and the club is worth $4.1 billion.

Afterwards, we went to the Museo Del Prado and students were impressed to see XVI-XVII century art by Velazquez, Goya, Bosch,  Rubens, and  El Greco. The El Prado museum has a large collection and is one of the world’s most important art museums, and it is  among the most visited museums worldwide.  

The visit to the Palacio Real which  King Felipe still uses for official visits  was astonishing. There, we saw decorated rooms covered with gold, marble, and porcelain.  This palace is larger that Buckingham and Versailles  and the largest functioning Royal Palace in Europe. .

On the most impressive areas is the Royal Armoury of Madrid or Real Armería de Madrid, a collection that contains the personal arms of the Kings of Spain, and also houses military weapons, armours and diplomatic works of art like mixed tapestries, paintings and other works of art and trophies. According to Wikipedia it is considered, one of the best in the world. and even it is often described as "the best collection of its kind in the world".

Elizabeth had a great time, and this is what she wrote: I guess you could say that after a fabulous week of traveling to Segovia and Toledo, ending our last day with traveling to Madrid was a great way to round off the trip. We started our day with going to the Real Madrid Stadium, Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. We got a tour of the stadium, which included seeing the locker rooms, getting to sit on their bench, and seeing all of Real Madrid's trophies. Fun Fact is that whenever Real Madrid has participated in a tournament or championship for the first time, they have won. After traveling to Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, we went to El Museo Prado. It was cool that we were able to see a painting by Goya that we have discussed in Art History this year in 10th grade. Later we went to the Palacio Real where we saw amazing tapestries and gorgeous rooms. We also managed to have a photo shoot to recreate the meeting the the King of Spain (Gluzman) with former President Barrack Obama (Tony). 

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