Thursday, March 21, 2019

Nepal - Day 5

By: Max Vallerand-Parisi

We started today off with our first hike of the trip. While on the bus to the starting point of the hike, we were all full of excitement and dread for the 5 hours of uphill hiking we had ahead of us. That sense of dread that encompassed us was then supported when we saw the endless sets of stairs waiting for us. As we began our hike we were all very tired and needed frequent breaks. The uneven stair cases and foot paths made the hike much more difficult. I think we were all hoping for a little bit of rain to help cool us all off. As we started to get higher up on the mountain, the view started to get better and better; seeing the mountains and the city in the valley covered in smog, made the distance traveled worth it. After a while we were told that we were 10 minutes from lunch and that made all of us motivated to hike as fast as possible. While lunch was loaded with carbs, there was not much of it and left us all hungry. At that point we had an hour and a half before reaching the summit of the mountain. Once we reached the top, we were all relieved and excited to be done with the hard part of the hike. We then took a group photo and continued our way down the mountain. While walking down, Ryan felt the need to ask if every mountain was Everest which I think Ms. Peckham got tired of very quickly. On the way down David tried to entertain Ms. Peckham by telling her about space. This made the rest of the hike go by very quickly and in no time at all we reached the guest house. The hike was a great experience and was very fun, and I can’t wait for tomorrow.

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