Sunday, March 17, 2019

Camino - Second Day of Walking

From Abbie H:
After a big breakfast of toast, meat, and cheese, we were off on what was expected to be one of the most hilly days of our five day journey. Sporting all kinds of rain gear (today was the only one of the five days where it was expected to rain), we marched up a very long uphill, stopping only around 5.3 miles at a cafe where we enjoyed espresso and fresh squeezed orange juice. The next part of the day was expected to be one of the most challenging sections of the Camino, and as we prepared ourselves for the challenge, Ms. Geiger remindeded us that a Pilgrimage is a way to challenge yourself to change yourself. So we were surprised when we made it up the hill only to be at the top asking "Wait? That was it?" We enjoyed a lunch of fried eggs, burgers, and sandwiches, and then faced the last 5 miles without much complaint.

After arriving at the hostel, we waited for them to prepare our rooms while playing Mao and just enjoying one another's company before a nap break, then another delicious dinner. The walk today was tough but I think we're ready for tomorrow!

From Patrick H:
While we were in the middle of our walk today, we overcame a group of Spanish students that were walking on a school trip. When we passed them, they started doing Fornite dances at us because I think that’s what they thought Americans do in their free time, not that they're wrong. We did it back to them and they laughed, and we passed them. We played Despacito on the speaker for them since it was a common language that we spoke, and they started cheering. While we walked ahead of them the only one of them that spoke English yelled “Wait up!” at us and we hung back until they caught up. We talked to them and showed each other where we were from. It was an interesting experience trying to communicate when the only Spanish I know is from 5th grade and their English was basically on the same level. Just as we were getting to know our new amigos we had to stop for lunch and waved goodbye.

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