Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Camino - Fourth Day of Walking

This is William Robinson blogging on Day 4 of the Camino. Today Mrs. Geiger and Dr. Singer had mercy on our feet. We walked from Arzua to O Pedrouzo. The 12 mile walk today was slight compared to our 18 mile trek yesterday. We also had a great breakfast which consisted of churros with sugar and croissants with chocolate. I’m sure everyone is muy excited to get to Santiago. I know I am. We have one final day of walking. Everyone has demonstrated a strong will when it comes to our daily walks, and I’m sure tomorrow will be no exception.
Muchas Gracias,
Your Camino boy William Robinson signing off

From Evan R:
Today, we walked from Arzua to O Pedrouzo. It was our shortest day so far, as we only traveled 12 miles. The day started off with a late 7:30 wakeup call and a delicious breakfast at the cafe next door to our hostel. Warm chocolate croissants and churros were a welcome addition to the typical morning options. Around 8:30 we walked out of Arzua, continuing to make progress towards Santiago. After walking a few kilometers, we decided to stop at a cafe/bar for a quick espresso break. After everyone finished up, we continued down the path. I was feeling suprisingly well, considering the 18 miles we walked yesterday. We walked for a while at a good pace, taking breaks along the way. Eventually, we got to our lunch stop. It was warm enough and sunny so we sat outside to eat. I found it difficult to get going again, but we were close to our next town and managed to finish the last leg.

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