Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Madrid- visit to Toledo

After yesterday’s walking tour of Segovia, we began our sunny Wednesday with a short drive to the old capital of Toledo. Art teacher, Esther Garcia, led us on a 3 hour tour of this ancient city that houses artifacts dating back to 100 B.C. So well prepared was she that all students were provided maps and questions for the educational tour. We visited the cathedral of Toledo, a  synagogue, and a Moorish palace which is now a military museum, to name a few of our sights. 

As per the words of Cervantes, « If you know the history of Toledo, you know the history of Spain. » By 1 pm, the American and Spanish students had some free time to walk around, shop, and enjoy a lunch together. Our students have enjoyed keeping a close eye on Profe Gluzman as he hunts down classroom posters while on our walks!! I have enjoyed getting to know many of our students and their unique and amusing personalities. Everyone appears very happy with their experiences. Despite the seemingly short day-long tours, students are learning more about our world, from a view of the Iberian peninsula. Hasta manana!

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