Saturday, March 16, 2019

Camino - First Day of Walking

From William C and Jonah C:

The end of the first day of hiking has arrived. We walked 14 miles from Sarria to Portomarin. We took breaks at cafes along the way. The scenery was really beautiful. You could see miles away off into the distance. We walked past many pastures and stone walls, as well as tiny villages that seemed empty. There were other walkers and several stray dogs that were bigger than usual. We all shed layers because when we woke up it was in the 30's, but it got up to the high 60's. 

I like the trip so far because we have a lot of time on our hands, yet I'm not restless or stressed because the walking saps away that negative energy. It is also refreshing to be outdoors breathing fresh air, without being sucked away from nature by electronics. One thing I have become very present to in the peaceful setting of the Camino is the noise inside my head. Usually the external circumstances of life drown them out, but now I can hear them loud and clear. My intent for the rest of the trip is to practice being at peace even while the inner conversation runs, and maybe even let the beauty of the Camino take over.

Photos to come when we have a stronger wifi connection!

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