Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Normandy Exchange - Day 6 (Mont St-Michel)

Today, we were so excited to take a field trip with our <<correspondants>> to the magnificent 
Mont-Saint-Michel!  Please notice the sunny skies (a rarity in Normandy)!!

Reflections from our first few days in France:

From Karlee W:    Being in Paris felt like stepping into a time machine; the people around us were modern, but everything -- from the cobblestones to the buildings that Napoleon and the Roi Soleil built -- was from an age long past. It’s probably just because I love history so much, but being able to walk on the same floors and touch the same buildings that people did 1000 years ago was so thrilling
 Paris was so beautiful. All the people were nice, and the Seine and the sparkling Eiffel Tower were so pretty. I loved taking in the opulence of the Louvre, and I marveled at the Mona Lisa and other paintings that we have studied in art history that I was now only a couple feet away from. I like how different Paris is from DC, and even the not so good events were funny and are now jokes that all of us can share.
I like cities far more than small towns, but Bayeux is charming because everything is very old and beautiful. The river that cuts through the town is nice and calming, and there’s a beach that Louise’s family took me to where there is a 300+ year old tower and cockle shells grow out of the ground like plants!   I can't wait to learn more about Bayeux and spend more time with my host family and the other students.

From Ashley V H: The first few days in Bayeux have been amazing and exhilarating. I am so happy to be on this trip and to be in this amazing city!! I am living on a farm with my correspondent, Marjorie, and she has three horses, a cat, and a dog. My family is so nice, and they are so caring and giving, just like my own parents at home. :)

This whole time, I have been speaking ONLY French!! Although sometimes it is hard to keep up with their fast conversations, I am able to contribute and talk to them just the same in French as I could in English! Especially with being in France for so long and hearing so many people speaking the language, I would say that I have improved my speaking in French x100.

From Tim K:  The start to the trip has been wonderful. All the sights in Paris -- from the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Notre Dame -- were magnificent. Life here in Bayeux is very relaxing and calm. My host parents are also nice as can be and help me with my French speaking. Overall the start of this trip is very different from what I thought it would be, but in a good way! School is also very different and very interesting!

From Ashlyn L.:  Paris was super cool with the adorable hotel and beaucoup de crêpes. While the famous landmarks were gorgeous and impressive, I was so happy to just walk around with my friends, exploring the little shops and cafés. As I expected, the art at Le Louvre was incredible! The sculptures, the paintings, and Mona Lisa, and the architecture of the building itself were quite awe inspiring, and I thought a lot about the artists from hundreds of years ago and their talent.

My host family in Bayeux is so sweet and friendly. Margot is super nice and has hilarious friends. She’s always ready to help simplify what people are saying around me... Margot’s brother, Justin, is pretty quiet, and her chat, Chaussette, her chien, Roméo, her fish, Bubbles, and her cheval, Aiden, are all so adorable. Roméo woke me up this morning and it was the sweetest thing ever.

There have been so many amazing meals and snacks so far with the highlights being a croque monsieur on the first day in Paris, a macaron on the Eiffel Tower, and charcuterie and raclette for yesterday’s lunch. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

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