Friday, March 22, 2019

China - Day 7

China Day 7:

From Kemal Ozdemirli ‘21:

Today, we first went to Qingcheng Mountain to visit two different Taoist temples. We went up the mountain by using a cable car. Once we reached the top of the mountain, we hiked for 20 minutes to visit the temples. During the hike, there were a lot of street vendors that were trying to sell us food. Once we reached to the temple, we were astonished by not only the beauty of the temple, but also how well the architecture was maintained and clean. After visiting the Qingcheng mountain, we then went to a local restaurant, where they served us authentic Chengdu cuisine. After lunch, we went to the Dujiang Weir National Park to see the Min River and the man made island. The man-made island was constructed during the Qin dynasty in order to manage the water flow from the Min Mountains. After visiting the dam, we went to the Chengdu Foreign Language School to meet up with the host families. It was an amazing experience to see a lot of children rushing from their classrooms in order to catch a glimpse of us. The head master of the school gave us a brilliant speech about how he was happy to host us into their school. After meeting the head master, we spent the rest of the day with the host families.

From Emma Hughes ‘21:
Today we went bright and early to explore Daoist temples. We had to first walk up part of the mountain, take a short boat ride, a cable car  higher up the mountain, and finally another quick walk to get to the temples. They had many venders each step of the way and we were able to get candied coconut and mango. After a lunch filled with spice, we went to Dujiang Weir National Park. We explored the rickety bridge, dumplings, and ice cream! We then went to the school and got an extremely excited welcoming from all the students and our hosts.

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