Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spanish Exchange- Toledo

Today was the day we went to Toledo with all of the Spaniards. I started off my day without a bloody nose (which I've had 3 days in a row), so I hope the series of nose bleeds have stopped (knock on wood). To start off our visit in Toledo, we walked in a big circle around the beautiful city. Although I almost got hit by a car multiple times, I really enjoyed looking around all of the city. I loved seeing the mountains and the cathedral. Then we finally got to split up and get a few hours of free time. I got to meet a bunch of other Spaniards from the school and spend the day exploring Toledo with them. Even though we wanted authentic Spanish cuisine, we ended up eating at a Burger King, but I ate the packed lunch from school. After our journey around the many shops in the city, we (the Americans) went inside of a synagogue. We were only there for 10 or so minutes, but I got a lot of good pictures. Speaking of pictures, we took a ton of group pictures. It was hard to gather 40 people to fit into a picture, especially because there were a lot of cars driving by and when Jared, being so tall, walked in front of you, and would block you from the cameras. We all came prepared for rain, but fortunately we missed the rain while we were in the city. We ended our trip by driving to a spot where we were able to take a panoramic of the city Toledo, and of course, we took one last group photo. I thought the view of the city was breath taking because of all of the mountains, water, buildings, and arches. My favorite part of our trip to Toledo was being able to spend time with the new friends I have made and trying red velvet ice cream (it was sooooo good).

Jenna Lindsey :)

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