Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Eastern Europe, Day 4: Prague

Portraits in the Palace
On our second day in the Czech Republic, we explored the city starting at Prague Castle. After a tour we had some free time to walk about the Golden Lane as well as the Old City. Today was filled with lots of shopping, touring of the communist and Kafka museums, and crossing of the Charles Bridge where we rubbed the belly of the St. John statue to make a wish. We had a great lunch on our own, then dinner together. After dinner we got "turdelniks" (a Czech giant curlicue donut) and T-shirts from Prague. Now, we are on the over night train to Poland, which we are all excited for, even though we'll miss Prague. ~Katie Pratt

American Gothic in the Palace

John Lennon's Wall
Charles Bridge
Today was our first and only full day in Prague. We woke up early in order to check out of the hotel and take a guided bus and walking tour through the city. Our guide was friendly and informative about the history of Prague and took us to the Prague Castle where we went inside the cathedral and took lots of photos of the beautiful architecture. We had free time to explore this area before returning to the city center of Prague with the huge clock tower where we split for lunch. In the afternoon, we visited the Museum of Communism and the Franz Kafka museum, both of which gave me a new perspective on the subjects. After our time in the museums, we had free time to spend in the old part of Prague, the new part, and on the Charles Bridge. I mostly enjoyed exploring the historical and famous bridge which provided beautiful views of the river and the ancient architecture of Prague. I bought a few souvenirs from vendors on the bridge and took photos of the setting sun. It was a perfectly picturesque afternoon and evening. Prague is definitely a city I would love to spend more time in. ~Camille Balistreri

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