Thursday, March 23, 2017

Romania: Goodbye's Are Not Forever...

We spent the morning and early afternoon sprinting to complete projects before we left for Bucharest. The wood pile, which will provide heat for the children this winter, continues to grow, and we filled tall planters at the entrance of the compound with top soil to sustain the plants and flowers we planted.

We cannot believe how quickly our time here a Pro Vita has flown. We have made lasting memories and friendships, and many want to return here in two years to complete their Senior Project. There were happy tears and tons of hugs prior to our departure, and we are so grateful to Melanie and Mihail Tenase, who make Pro Vita work every day, for opening their hearts and loving community to us. Romania and the wonderful people of Romania will live in our hearts forever 🇹🇩

Nicole Harding & Tim Doyle

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