Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spain Exchange- Madrid

When we packed for the trip we looked at the weather and we saw that it was supposed to be in the seventies and sixties, and so we packed for that. Never did we think we were going to get snow. In the morning on March 23 we all hopped onto the bus and were already tired. Gabby said that she had seen the forecast and she wanted to put on sweatpants and call it a day. We drove into Madrid learning about the history of the city and the stories behind it. We learned that there were fountains for the three main soccer teams in Spain. Our first stop was the stadium of Real Madrid soccer team. We got a bird's eye view to begin with and then went into the museum of Real Madrid. The museum went into a tour of the stadium as well as a tour of the facilities. We had lunch and went to the Prado Museum, which had too many paintings for us to see all in one hour. I liked The Third of May by Goya, Knight With Hand on his Chest by El Greco, and the all the Rubens. A few of us also watched a painter start his copy of one of Tiepolo's pieces. After we left the Prado, we walked around the city a bit and came to the center plaza, and learned the history of the square while it snowed. We shared churros and chocolate while we warmed up. The chocolate is unique to Spain because it is richer and has a dip consistency, but it is still meant to be drunk. We all huddled in the bus for the ride back to school and ended our day together playing heads up in the lobby while we waited to meet up with our Spaniards.

Catherine Owens


Bernabeu Soccer Stadium

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