Friday, March 24, 2017

Kenya - Day 7

(This post is by Julia Wood.)

Our morning started off at 5:30 to dress for our morning game drive and to fill up on caffeine. Although, getting up at 5:30 is rather easy to the noise of our wildlife filled surroundings. Our game drive was filled with elephants, zebras, buffalo, rhinos, and more. We also witnessed a territorial fight between two male impala. After our game drive and breakfast we headed to Lewa's education center and met with Ephantus, who taught us about the importance of environmental protection and its impact on wildlife. After visiting Lewa's bead shop, we also met with Matthew, Lewa's veterinarian, who taught us his technique for restoring wounded wildlife. We were all stunned to learn that the medicine injected into wounded animals bodies is often four hundred times stronger than morphine. Our last visit of the day was with Phoebe, a nurse, who showed us around Lewa's clinic. The highlight of our day was meeting Kitui, a baby rhino whose mother, Mawingo is blind. We were able to pet and take close up pictures with Kitui. It was especially special to meet him as our group helped fundraise prior to the trip, to help provide Kitui a long term caretaker as his blind mother is not able to always provide for him. Our day ended with another amazing game drive. I am excited to see what our last two days have in store in Kenya, as our experience so far has been remarkable. 

⁃ Julia Wood

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