Friday, March 24, 2017

Spain Exchange- last day at school

Today was the last day we got to go to the school. I'm already dreading the moment when I have to leave my new friends and family. Looking back on what I did today, I'm really glad I lived in the moment, rather than being worried about leaving. I enjoyed the last moments I had with my new friends. My favorite part of today was in the morning when we went to an art class and made picture frames for our hosts. I put so much effort into my frame cause I wanted to show how much I appreciate what my family has done for me. I really enjoyed going to younger classes and answering the questions the children asked me. I loved how Sam, Julia, Jordan, Trinity and I sang songs to the little kids. Our cover of The Itsy Bitsy Spider was amazing. I thought all of us could become professionals. Just kidding!  Seeing all of the kids smiling faces put one on mine too. Overall I had an amazing day. I will never forget it!

Mede Alexandre


Unknown said...

What an awesome idea! The frames are beautiful☺

Unknown said...
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