Sunday, March 19, 2017

Kenya - Days 1 and 2

(Though the Kenya contingent is having trouble with internet, they have forwarded me the following entry by Ellie Garland. - Mr. Yee)

On Saturday morning, we were treated to breakfast at the Valley House and enjoyed freshly picked mangos from property tree before driving a few minutes to a giraffe sanctuary. At the sanctuary, we fed, pet and even kissed baby and adult giraffes. We then took a short car ride to a small airport and boarded a Caravan plane for our 1-hour flight to the Lewa Conservancy.

We arrived at our camp around 1pm and enjoyed a wonderfully prepared lunch by our camp cook, Fridah. After settling in, the air was cooled by an afternoon rain, and cleared up just in time for our evening game drive. We drove through the open landscapes of the Kenyan bush, spotting elephants, zebras, ostriches, giraffes and Lewa's specialty, rhinos. The sensational appeal of the surrounding environment was only amplified by the pleasing petrichore that followed the early evening showers.

Exhausted from the day's activities, we devoured another delicious meal and fell asleep to the him of the conservancy's many sounds.

⁃ Ellie

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