Sunday, March 19, 2017

Eastern Europe Post #3: Dresden, Day 2

   Despite the awful cold and the seemingly never-ending rain, we braved the weather and took a walking tour of what seemed to be a tour of half of Germany (in case you didn't get the reference, we walked 11.2 miles). We went to the location of Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse 5, which was, surprisingly, now a venue for various events in Dresden. 
   Later, we THANKFULLY had lunch on our own and went to an art museum nearby (I had something known as "curry sausage," a German comfort food). The museum's architecture was grand and beautiful, and the art inside was beautifully unordinary -- there were naked babies, disproportionately drawn Jesus's, and figurines. 
   For our last night in Dresden, we strayed from a typical German meal of sausage and schnitzel and stayed true to our roots, opting to order pizza and wings in the heart of the city center. As pretty and historical as Dresden was, I think I can safely say that we are all eagerly anticipating all that Prague has to offer. ~Julia Phaltankar

   Today was cold and rainy. We took a long walking tour seeing the sights that inspired the novel, Slaughterhouse 5. Our guide: a german man, critical of Germans in WWII and not too crazy about Americans either, making some scary historical connections. As we walked around in the cold wind and rain the group became a lot closer; even though we may not all hang out together at school, we all get a long very well. It was a good day. ~Michael McEneney

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