Saturday, March 18, 2017

Spain Exchange 2017 - Frustration (but still anticipation)

By Julia Burke

Our trip was off to a bumpy start (quite literally on the plane). As we sat in our seats for our 3 hour delay before taking off, we immediately started to bond over the repetitive voiceover announcements and Macy's ad-esque safety video, which included a comment about how tightening your seat belts results in a beautiful cinched waist. Being on the plane for a couple more hours than planned, the vast movie selection proved helpful. After finally landing in Paris, our group tiredly made our way through security (a conservative 2 hours) and eventually to the gates to wait for our connecting flight to arrive. Just as I began to lose faith in France, my eyes graced the elegance and beauty that was a French macaroon shop. As a lover of baking (especially my newfound fascination for macaroons), I can say that eating a real French macaroon in Paris was definitely on my bucket list. Coconut lime and pistachio were the flavors I chose and I can certainly say that the French have gained back my respect. Despite the long day behind and ahead of us, our group is staying positive and enjoying our time together eating and chatting. I can't wait to arrive in Madrid tonight and reconnect with the Spaniards, especially Marina, my host student.
In Dulles, before our frustrations began.

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