Sunday, March 26, 2017

Spain Exchange- Adios

This weekend ended up being the worst part of my experience in Spain. By this I mean that we had to leave our hosts and say our goodbyes which is always hard to do. However, before we said our goodbyes we were able to spend the whole Saturday with our host families. For my last day with my family, they took me out to eat at an amazing restaurant in Griñón. I was surely surprised to eat out with them since all of my previous meals were at their house. After the excellent brunch, we made our way home, and I took my daily midday nap to prepare for the "discoteca" that was on our agenda for the day. Once I woke up, we all hopped in the car for what was supposed to be an approximately 45 minute trip that would end up being a one hour trip due to navigation issues. When we finally arrived we had a blast. I am sure that everyone who also went could agree. After the discoteca which left everyone tired, we each went our separate ways to prepare for the day ahead of us which includes hours of traveling.

Aron Sobers

The weather in Spain is pretty unstable. It would be hot one day where you couldn't even where a sweatshirt but the next day it snowed. In Spain every meal we had was huge except for breakfast. Breakfast time we only had some bread and cheese. The weekend was fun and on our last full day we went to party.  The next morning was a very sad morning. We had to say our goodbyes and get on the bus but it was a time to reflect on the fun we had together in Spain.

Jared White
The girls

The boys and their hosts at the discoteca

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