Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saints in Romania: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Ok... So maybe not trains... But two flights and bus ride later we finally have arrived in Pro Vita!

Our flight from Dulles to Frankfurt was long but uneventful. Mostly we were all just very excited to begin or journey to Romania! Once we arrived at our layover in Germany, we had time for a coffee and breakfast before we realized they had changed our gate. A quick walk through the terminal, and we made our second flight to Bucharest.

Due to some miscommunication, our ride taking us from the airport to Pro Vita was delayed but we did not let that bring down our spirits! Our Saints kept their spirits up playing cards, eating sandwiches, and taking turns napping on the bag of sleeping bags as we waited for the vans to arrive.

And almost 24 hours later we made it to Pro Vita! We were shown our rooms and then sat down to our first delicious meal together.

The students then washed and dried the dishes (yes parents, they know how!!) and went to bed to get a good nights sleep. Stay tuned tonight as we explore the community and enjoy our first full day here! Our first two student travelers will also be sharing their experiences as we begin our work here at Pro Vita.

-Mrs. Fusina

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