Monday, March 21, 2016

China Day 3 - Great Wall and Summer Palace

What a full day! We hiked the Great Wall and went to the Summer Palace. Hear from the students themselves!

Today, we went to the Great Wall and the Summer Palace. The walk was very long but in the end I found that it was very worth it. For dinner we had Chinese Kabob. I loved it!

I loved going to the great wall today and the summer palace was gorgeous! I could totally live there and be an empress.

The great wall is an incredible showcase of human endeavor. The wall seemed to go on forever. For dinner we had Chinese Kabobs. Delicious.

It lived up to its name, enough said.

I walked twice as far as weak sauce Josiah. Later Youby! We were starving all winter, now we eating #5-0.

The Great Wall was incredible and the view was stunning (though obscured by smog). Hiking all the way up the mountain made it feel worth so much more to appreciate this ancient wonder of the world.

I loved going to the Great Wall, but it was definitely much warmer up there than I had expected it to be!  The impact of that feat of engineering on top of the mountain was so much more that I had imagined.  However, maybe even more beautiful were the Summer Palace and the Imperial Gardens with the man-made lake and the surrounding gardens and building were breathtakingly gorgeous. I can't wait to head off to Xi'an tomorrow.

After finally reaching the top of the mountain where the Great Wall of China was, I decided to call my sister who is in France. Sadly she didn't answer.

The wall lived up to its name... 10/10.

I thought the Great Wall was cool. My parents haven't been there so I get to brag about walking up it :D
Bryan taught me a lot of Chinese so today was a very happy day :D
I liked the food.
- Matthew Lu

On our bus ride to the Great Wall I had great expectations. The sheer length of the wall itself amazed me. It was quite a hike getting to the wall but I enjoyed every second of the journey.
- Josiah

Jack Dragon taught us a lot about Chinese history and culture, especially about the history of the Great Wall and the Summer Palace. Both were very cool, and great to see in real life.
- Sam Dubke

Even though the hike up to the Great Wall was tiring, experiencing the Great Wall made it worth it. The lift back down was an appreciated rest from all the walking.
 -Matt May

Like everyone else already said, the Great Wall was pretty cool. I bought this Oba-Mao t-shirt and haggled better than everyone else (cut down the price in half).
-Julia Phaltankar

The Great Wall was an arduous but rewarding hike, and the Uighur restaurant we ate at was delicious.
-Jacob Reinsdorf

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