Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Greek Odyssey '16 -- Acrocorinth and Reflections

We hiked a mountain yesterday where we could see 1/4 of Greece.  The hike up was difficult as there were no stairs but just an incline on rocks. The rocks having been used for the last 1500 years are smooth and easy to slip on. My calves were burning the whole time and I was out of breath. However when we arrived at the top the view was spectacular. The mountain was surrounded by other hills and water on both sides (the Ionian and Aegean Seas). We could see a few villages. We ran into another group from America who brought an American flag and we all took a picture with it. Dr. Grissom then showed them the proper way to fold the American flag.

-- Christopher Rainey, '18

We left Nauplio this morning, and one of the owners of our hotel took us to his orange grove and home. He and his wife graciously invited us to pick fresh oranges and make authentic Greek cookies with them. While eating juicy oranges, listening to the chickens quibble outside, freshly shaping our cookies, and receiving a heavy dose of Greek hospitality, we could not have gotten our day off to a better start.

--John Sweeney, '16

There are few ancient cities that have attained the historic standing of Corinth. From the Bema where St. Paul was tried to the Temple of Apollo and an enormous Roman forum, the history of the city was popping out of the ground. Coupled with the extensive knowledge of our fearless guide, there was hardly a fact or stone in the ancient city left unturned.

--William Moore, '16

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