Tuesday, March 22, 2016

China Day 4, Xi'An!

Today we left Beijing and arrived in Xi'An.  After a 5 hour bullet train ride, we arrived and took a walking tour before dinner. Then, we saw a show showcasing traditional Tang Dynasty music and dance. Hear it from the students:

The Bell Tower honestly looked like everything we've seen so far. The Muslim Quarter, however, was really cool, and I bought cotton candy that was molded into a flower.
-Julia Phaltankar

I loved walking around the Muslim Quarter it was very live and colorful. I bought this thing I thought was mochi but wasnt, it was still pretty cool. The whole vibe of the place was awesome I wanna go back.

Unlike Beijing and Shanghai, I was not familiar at all with Xi An, so as we arrived in the city on the bullet train, I was not sure what to expect. To my surprise, I found a city that to me is better looking than Beijing. I am excited today to see the terracotta warriors on day 2 in Xi An.

While the bullet train ride was long, the Muslim Quarter was an amazing thing to see, and made the ride worth it.

When we got on the train we realized that most of us were in the wrong car. Our car was number 16 and we were chilling in 4 with less than five minutes before the train left. So we had a nice sprint down the entirety of the train with our luggage to get to our seats before we were left behind. That was a great way to start the day.
-Jack B

Xi'an is very different when compared with Beijing. There are a lot more high rises, and fewer old buildings, but also an amazing old quarter of the city with many ancient towers and parks.
 - Sam Dubke

This is the first time I have visited Xi'an, and it is completely different than expected. The city has far more scenic, old buildings than Beijing, and the Muslim quarter was a memorable experience. I look forward to seeing the Terracotta Warriors today.
-Matthew May

So far Xi'an is a lot different than Beijing. I've found that the air appears to be cleaner. At the same time, it appears to be more American. There is a KFC, a McDonald's or a Dairy Queen on almost every corner. I am very excited to see the Terracotta Warriors today. I did a paper about them freshman year!

I didn't know what to expect when coming to Xi'an, but I have been very pleasantly surprised. The Muslim quarter was a sensory overload. Vivid colors, strong smelling spices, and hundreds of people crowded the space and made for a memorable experience. We're visiting the Terracotta Warriors today, which is extremely exciting. I hear they all have different faces.
- Nick G

The Muslim quarter of xian was the way that most people picture china. Loud people, interesting smells, and colorful food made the street seem to come out of a bond movie. I'm glad that I found a street that could remind me of a place I've never been. -Robert

After being on the long train, I just wanted to go back to the hotel. But then the walk through the market and the exciting show we went to see woke me up and showed me here was a lot to see in Xian.

After finally getting to Xi'an, we went to watch a Chinese opera. There, almost everyone fell asleep because of the train ride. It was great.
- Tom

The train was long but it was pretty fun. I learned President and played it :D
Xi'an is different from Beijing; there was more smog!! The bell tower was cool and we got to see the nice and organized Xi'an traffic! I liked the Muslim quarter too; I saw people pulling this big candy thingy and making nut candy. The show was cool for the parts that I was awake. It wasn't as showy as say an acrobatics show but each dance scene told parts of the story. For dinner today, the deep fried mushrooms were really good!!!
- Matthew Lu

Life is good.

I don't think I've ever fallen asleep more quickly in my entire life.  The train was a great expereince and I think Xi'an is much more my speed than Beijing. 

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