Sunday, March 20, 2016

Normandy Scholars: Day 3 - Days with the Family

(Today's post is written by Bobbie Benjamin '17.  Thank you for sharing these thoughts!)

Today, my family took me on a petite trip to the beach.

We had a long 3 hour déjeuner at a restaurant by the sea, then walked around a lot through several towns.

Apparently, the town we ate lunch in is known for having one of very few casinos in France. And many famous people have houses there. I think it was called Trouville sur Mer, but I could be wrong.

After walking around there, we walked around in Deauville.

There was a boardwalk with a bunch of American movie celebrities names on it.

We spent most of the day just casually walking like this. For some reason in France everything takes a much longer time to do, but you don't notice it. It's laid back. It's very calming.

After my second full day immersed in the French culture, I think I have made several conclusions about the French people:

1.  Everything is quainter/smaller/petite. The cars, the houses, the coffee. My French family finds it very funny every time I struggle to order a coffee that is larger at the coffee shops. But alas even le grand café is tiny. 

2.  The French people don't drink water/go to the bathroom. Or at least way, way less than Americans. The French were amused by the amounts of water us Americans consumed last night at the large group dinner and also the amounts of times we left to use the bathroom.

3.  90% of the food the French eat is bread or bread based- yes the stereotype is valid. Also another stereotype, that the French walk A LOT, is very true as well.

4.  Bisous- the cheek kiss thing- are real and weird. The French think it's weird we don't kiss everyone, and I think it's weird that i kiss everyone I meet on the cheeks. My first bisons were very awkward which my family found funny like many other things. However, I feel I am increasingly becoming better through embracing the Bisou.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for your reflections, Bobbie. I love your comments on how our cultures differ, and I appreciate the good humor! Keep them coming!

Ms. Wanamaker