Monday, March 21, 2016

Greek Odyssey '16 -- Student Impressions

At first glance, Athens was unexpectedly expansive.  Thinking I was looking at the entirety of the city, I would turn around and see more of the same density in all directions.  Even though it is so large, all the buildings stand at most maybe seven stories so wherever you are in the city you can see Parthenon, the Athenians'  'Old Lady,' and several other hills with an assortment of ancient structures.   Given that they see these structures pretty much every day, the value the Athenians still hold to their antiquities was impressive.

-- Olivia Gilliam '17

On the plane to Greece, I expected to see a city filled with ruins, bankrupt businesses, and lots of police. However, when I arrived in the city of Athens, I realized that my expectations were far from the truth. Throughout the first day, I saw a city filled with lights, people from all over the world, music, dancing, delicious food, beautiful vegetation, and of course, numerous beautiful ruins. If I maintain the same level of awe I had on the first day of the trip, Im sure Ill fall in love with this beautiful country.

-- Frankie Cortes, '17

The very gravitas of Athens pours in the moment you enter the city. The people, the buildings, the ideals framed here have a way of making the city even more amazing. 

-William Moore, '16

Walking the same steps as ancient Greeks philosophers provided me with a spiritual out of body experience 

--John Sweeney, '16

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